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Migration consulting services

  • Expert advice from ex-Google engineer & Python author Wesley Chun
  • In-depth knowledge as an App Engine team member 2009-2012 & 2019-2023
  • Modernize your apps by (finally) porting them from Python 2 to 3
  • Migrate from 1st- to next-generation App Engine platforms, or
  • Shift across to Cloud Functions or Cloud Run (also serverless)
  • Video samplers below demonstrate how we can help you modernize!
  • Migrate from Python 2 to 3 (finally!)

    If your dependencies run on Python 3, your apps should too!

    At Google, Wesley Chun produced (and is featured in) an entire series (videos, blog posts, hands-on tutorials, code samples) dedicated to helping App Engine developers modernize their apps. He is joined in the videos by another Google engineer, Serverless Expeditions host Martin Omander, on each journey.

    Run on next-generation App Engine

    Move your apps to Python 3 but stay on App Engine

    There may be situations where you want to upgrade to Python 3 but stay on App Engine. Adding use of the updated App Engine SDK allows your 3.x app to continue with those familiar GAE bundled services. Only minor (or no) code changes are necessary. This also buys you time for considering migrations to newer GCP alternatives.

    Move to Cloud Functions or Cloud Run

    Consider other Google Cloud serverless platforms

    Besides App Engine, GCP has 2 other serverless platforms: Cloud Functions & Cloud Run. Should you keep your app on App Engine or consider one of these? GCF is for microservices & GCR is for containerized apps. Use of GCR without Docker is also possible as this video demonstrates.

    App Engine, Cloud Functions or Cloud Run

    Build apps deployable to all 3 platforms with no code changes

    The best way to learn about the similarities & differences between App Engine, Cloud Functions & Cloud Run is to write an app deployable to all to learn it's possible; then you can pick the right one for your use case. The app also demonstrates how to call GCP APIs from GCP-hosted serverless apps.

    Migrations-for-portability options

  • GAE webapp2 ⇒ Flask (or other frameworks)
  • GAE Datastore ⇒ Cloud NDB/Datastore (or Firestore)
  • GAE Memcache ⇒ Cloud Memorystore (Redis/memcached)
  • GAE (push) Task Queue ⇒ Cloud Tasks
  • GAE (pull) Task Queue ⇒ Cloud Pub/Sub
  • GAE Blobstore (or Files) ⇒ Cloud Storage
  • GAE Users ⇒ Cloud Identity Platform (Firebase Auth)
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